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Stewardship in the Kingdom of God involves so much more than the tithes we bring to the pastors of our congregations. It involves relationships, gifts, opportunities, and even our own identity in Christ Jesus. In this week’s devotional we’re going to talk about how We’re called to steward our Identity In Christ.

Sunday my son screamed out, “Dadda,” with excitement as we drove down the highway. As I turned around in the front passenger seat I noticed the expression of pure enjoyment and pride on my son’s face. He was clearly expecting me to say, “WOAH, son I am so proud of you!”

It took me a few seconds before I asked, “What is…” He cut me off by quickly pointing to a Cheerio hanging out of his right ear. Grinning ear to ear, he pointed to his left ear too.

William, my two year old son, just discovered that he had ears; more specifically, his ears were holes in the side of his head. Immediately he began exploring the new options that these Cheerio sized holes provided in his life. Boy he was excited to share his new discovery with his momma and dada…

Like my son’s adventure toward discovering his physical identity, I’ve been going through a season of discovering my own spiritual identity. The more about my Savior’s love and my identity that I discover the more I realize the privilege I have to intentionally steward my identity in Christ to accomplish his purposes around me.

At the foot of the cross there is a giant stack of gifts that Jesus purchased for you. In that stack is love, mercy, forgiveness, freedom, blessing, power, healing, courage, belonging, friendship, family… the list just keeps on going! The great tragedy, though, is that many of the gifts Jesus purchased with His blood, sweat, and tears… even his very life… remain at the foot of his cross. Un-opened. Mis-stewarded. Even ignored.

These gifts make up yours new identity in Christ, and they are so much more than the identity of salvation. Your identity in Christ gives you present-day citizenship in heaven; it raises you up with Jesus himself, and makes you an heir to God, and a co-heir with Christ.

All you have to do is pick up the gifts!

It was this very message that urges Timothy to actively fan into flame the gift God gave him (II Timothy 1:6). It was his very message and the call on Paul’s life that drove him to kneel before the throne of God and pray that we, being rooted and grounded in love may be able to understand the enormity of Christ’s love so that we might live our lives in the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:14-19).

We’re called to pick up the gifts that Christ has purchased and laid at the foot of the cross, use them, and live them out for His purposes in the marketplace. We’re called to steward our identity in Christ.

This week my prayer for you is that our Father in Heaven would begin to reveal the greatness of the spiritual inheritance and identity that Christ purchased for you; that as he reveals this true identity you would have the wisdom, boldness, and integrity to pick up the gifts and put them to use for God’s purposes in your work and businesses.

For King and Kingdom,

David Robertson
Speaker, Writer, Kingdom Business Coach, & Trainer

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