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If you have an idea for a business, or you want to start a business, your to-do list can be overwhelming. However, of everything on your list there are three things that will set the stage for your success: You must cover the opportunity in Prayer, Perspective, and Planning.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard a want-to-be entrepreneur boldly go into business on the claim, “God is calling me into business.” This is awesome! In fact I myself have received this call to go into business. However, just like my younger self, many entrepreneurs jump into a new venture without using God’s basic gift of wisdom, and therefore find themselves out of business within a year or two after they’ve made this call public.

This is simply wrong.

As children of the one and only God Almighty, anything we put his name to must be done with excellence. If you’re being called into business by Christ, take the time to cover the idea with Prayer, Perspective, and Planning. Taking the proper amount of time to do this will greatly improve your ability to succeed with excellence. Here is what I mean:

Covering your business in Prayer

A business opportunity is when God’s timing meets preparation. At that intersection, we must obey. However, sometimes there is a season of preparation between our calling and when we walk into the fullness of our promise.

So – If you’re being called into business, one of the first things you must do is cover the idea in prayer. Gather a small group of men and women around the call you’re receiving and start the important work of paving the road ahead with spiritual breakthrough and favor.

Here are a few things you may consider praying into:

  1. Am I in a season of preparation and slow execution or am I in a season of preparation and fast execution?
  2. What  passions has God planted in my heart to fulfill?
  3. What unique gifts, talents, skills, and abilities has God given me to serve people or customers?
  4. What is God’s vision for my business? Big or Small? Employees or none? One Location or multiple?

Now you have a team of prayer warriors making your petition before the throne of God. This will be a practice that will continue for the duration of your business ministry, so we cannot stop doing this, but neither can we stop at this. We must dive into covering our idea in perspective.

Covering your business in Perspective

Covering your business with perspective means surrounding yourself with both a formal and informal network of advisors.

One of the most fascinating aspects of God’s people in the Bible is the process of raising up the next generation. Knowing their forefathers, receiving the family blessing, and following a Rabi, are just some of the ways God’s people demonstrate God’s value for perspective.

This is something that the modern culture has seemed to have lost. As an entrepreneur, no matter your age, you cannot afford to go it alone. You must have counsel. You must have advisors. You must have professional, spiritual, and relational forefathers.

Here are the non-negotiable guidelines for choosing the men and women who will advise your ministry in business (Acts 6:3-4):

  1. They must have an honest report.
  2. They must be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  3. They must walk in wisdom.
  4. They must demonstrate the fruits of wisdom.

Here are a few suggested guidelines for choosing the men and women who will advise your ministry in business:

  1. They ought to carry expertise that you do not have.
  2. They ought to work with other businesses similar to yours.
  3. They ought to have been in business for themselves.
  4. They ought to have personalities different than yours.

Covering your business in Planning.

When I started my first business, I was told business planning was a waste of time unless I was looking for funding. I wish I could go back and hit the person who told me this. Seriously! If I had simply taken some time to think through my business, it’s future, and my future I could have been much more likely to succeed.

Here are the business planning bare bones you, as a business leader, must include:

  1. Define What you’re selling.
  2. Discover who is buying currently buying it.
  3. Learn how much are they spending with your competitors.
  4. Study why are they buying from your competitors.

These four things are called market research. At the lowest point of acceptability, this is what is required. However, as God’s child, you’re called to excellence, not the lowest point of acceptability. You will increase your odds at success if plan your business beyond market research to include leadership, front office operations (Marketing, Sales, and Messaging, etc.), back office operations (financials, human resources, systems and processes, etc.), and succession.

Each business I’ve been involved in has had increasing success as I’ve covered it in increasing amounts of business planning… and yes… even a business plan. I’ve included a FREE Checklist for planning every aspect of your business. You can get it by clicking the link below:

Download this free business planning checklist here.

So whether you have a desire to be in business for yourself or you have received a call on your life to be business, the way you build your foundation to your ministry in business is of utmost importance. The actions you take in the Idea Stage of your business will make the next 6 growth stages of your business more secure, profitable, and eternally effective.

Only after you’ve covered your business in Prayer, Perspective, and Planning can you move into the start-up stage of your business, where you have launched and are moving forward.

This post is the first in a series called “The 7 Growth Stages Every Business Must Grow Through To Finish Well, Provide Freedom, & Leave An Inheritance to The Third Generation.“Next we will cover the “Second Growth Stage of Business: Start-up”

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